Thursday, March 18, 2010

M. Guerre - Paris FW

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I am a writer and a photographer (Swagger360)
I wear a Tweed Vintage Jacket from England.
Pants and Shoes by RALPH LAUREN
Tweed Cap and Scarf
Turtle neck Whool Sweater
Bag Self designed
Perfume: "Eau sauvage" by C.Dior
"I am not so much interested in Fashion than in Style.
Style is what you create ...
My look is casual Fly, good enough to go in any environnement ...
If I had 1000 € to spend in Fashion stuff, I would buy good wine & cheese ..."
I love to accomplish my passions. I hate giving up.
My message to the world: Keep your eyes focused on what you want to see accomplished".

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit


Slye said...

Fun, cool, chic est le gars... J'aime le fond de la photo... The Mole Staîle... That's it!

Anonymous said...

Great photo, love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I would say great subject,
anyway, I wish to thank you Fred for your beautiful blog, when I'm down, I come here and feel in Paris in a world of fashion.....a kiss from Italy. Silvia

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Merci Slye pour ta fidélité !

You make my day Silvia !
that's so kind of you
I love Italy so much

Thanks anonyme !

F.B.O. said...

Grande classe Mr Guerre,et vraiment sympa .
Beaux sujets, belles images et combinaison de couleurs très équilibrée....c'est ta signature .

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Merci FBO !

MiA said...

The first picture is great! really like the colors, and the setting.

Anonymous said...

just find your site via the subject's link....great photos...great site.

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Thanks Mia and A !

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