Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cecile - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I study Communication
I wear a jacket by ZARA.
My Rolling Stones tee-shirt is a TOPSHOP.
My slim jeans are from HELL BELLS.
Boots from TOPSHOP. Bag by BALENCIAGA.
Perfume: "Patchouli" by REMINISCENCE
Fashion is my life. Today, my look is casual.
I love to sleep. I hate to wake up early !
My message to the world: Make love not war ...


ayu senatriwikan said...

loving a casual look :)

Le Petit Louise said...

so cute! I love it
check out my blog

Musette said...

Fred, did you take the music off your site? Or did I do something baaaaad to my settings? I loved listening to your musical choices as I ogle that fabulous street fashion.

xo A

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

There is nothing wrong with your settings Musette
I was just trying to find a new song
Music comes back very soon

San said...

She's sweet and I like her attitude.

But the worn down shoes ruin the whole outfit for me. I'm obsessed with shoes and sadly snob when it comes to them.

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