Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marie - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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"I design my own jewels with
Fashion is to be in harmony with yourself.
But I don't care about brands ...
My look is Fitness-Rock.
I love Music (click). I hate lies.
If I had €1000, I would buy red high-heeled shoes.
My message to the world: Be yourself !"
I wear a shirt from my father
a T-Shirt by MANGO
Shorts, belt & glasses by H&M
Sneakers by ADIDAS
Bag from the market
Perfume: "Flower" by KENZO


Moda Recife said...

So cool ! I love it ! kisse from brazil

Jiří Jaroš said...

Great shoes and background.

Anonymous said...

I like very much what you are doing,
I am in the clothing business too,
check out
Maybe you will like some of the dresses, tops, accessories or skirts that I have.
Good day and keep it going.

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Gorgeous images! I really like this look, I like the combination of colors! Great blog...

modHello! said...

Lovely images!! a big inspiration for me....
kisses from Milan,gaia

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments !

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