Friday, August 20, 2010

Béatrice - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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" I work for an Insurance Company.
In Fashion, I don't read to much
magazines. I just look at people
in the street as inspiration. Today, my look
is the favorite outfit of my boy-friend.
If I had 1 000€ to spend in Fashion, I would
buy a pair of YSL shoes.
I love to read books. I hate Brussels sprouts.
My message to the world: Give me a break and leave me alone !"

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I wear a simple 20€ shirt
Jeans by Edwin
Shoes by MiuMiu
Belt by Le Comptoir des Cotonniers
bag by Minelli. Sunnies by Diesel.
Perfume: none, never.

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LaMartinia said...

She is gorgeous! love everything - the jeans, the shirt, the shoes, the smile, the haircut and lipstick color! Congratulations on your 2-nd million visitor! Your blog is wonderful,, recently been to Paris, you have a lot of models there! Cheers!:-)

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you so much LaMartinia !

Izabelu said...

C'est vraiment parfait... Chic mais dans une façon que j'aime bien, je dirais "chic cool" ;)
greeting from Pologne

ValentinaFernandez said...

omg im in love with your blog!! i spent 2 weeks in paris like a month ago and everything was amazing there...i hope i can go on winter to get warmer clothes and shoes!
about the picture.. her look is amazing, the shirt fits perfect with the jeans and the shoes give the chic touch
greeting from Chile :)

Nina said...

I love ur blog!!!! plz visit mine xoxo

Alma said...

Here shoes are making the outfit. But she should wear perfume. I think that sometimes a good perfume it's the best thing that you can wear, no need of any jewleries.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Some people can't bear perfume on their skin ...
It's just like that Alma.
Thanks for your comments !

Bojan said...

she looks gorgeous indeed! it fits everything! very chic!

Stela ALVES said...

Très jolie.le femme est belle, la photo est superbe!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You are back. I have missed you! I would check everyday as I always do, I was worried something happened to you. You are easily my favorite photographer, better then most blogs I think. Lots of Love from San Francisco Bay Area!!


Sohippie, Sochic said...

J'adore !

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you so much for all your comments
and special thanks to Rialena from San Francisco Bay

FacundoGallegos said...

Très belle. La semaine dernière, j'étais à Disneyland et j'ai rencontré une Parisienne! Elle m'a dit qu'elle habite au quinzième arrondissement... je ne lui ai pas demandé le nom...Elle était avec ses copines, une est belge et l'autre est autrichienne

the dressmaker said...

these are great profiles for a book of early 21st century urban people. LOVE the text plus image-- its working for you.

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