Friday, July 27, 2012

Hi Ha Hou !

hebergeur image
      I am a little upset by visitors who pin-up my pictures by hundreds on Pinterest (here) 
      or anywhere else.
      Most of them don't even write a comment on Easy Fashion and they re-post pics without legend.
      They just take the pics and run ! Do you think you help me doing this ? Or do you want to kill
      my blog ?
      If you really want to post on Pinterest, well dot it ... But don't act like pickpokets. Ok ?

      Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

      I will tell you later about Web Sites that steal my pics on a daily basis.


Riikka said...

Hmm, correct me if I am wrong.

Isn't Pinterest, in fact, the one site that DOES actually link to the original site where the pin is from?

I understand your worries and I don't personally like for example Tumblr, where all this copyright stuff is (to my knowledge) very messed up.

I'm not sure if I've ever pinned from your site, but if I do, I would think I am in fact promoting your blog instead of stealing your pictures. Pinterest isn't about people presenting other people's pictures as their own, but simply a way for people to share what they like on the big wide internets.

If I pin a picture from your site, pinterest shows "Pinned 18 weeks ago from"

...which quite clearly shows the picture is yours, not mine.

I'm sorry I never comment on your posts, but I don't feel it's necessary for me to comment every time "I like this picture very much" because I think following your blog shows I like your pictures. (If it makes you feel any better, I never comment on anybody's blog.)

I'm sorry if your pictures are being abused all over the internet. Please try to continue blogging anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry to heat your pictures are being stolen, but honestly you cannot do much about that - people just do that, sometimes they don't even know it is something wrong.
Anyway, you still have a huge group of frequent visitors, like me, who visit your blog on regular basis.
Keeping my fingers crossed that people respect your property and always admiring beautiful photos.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you Rekolan and Kasia
So this is your first comment ?! Yeahhh !

On Pinterest
You can see the original size image
so why would you come to my blog ?
That's the main question ...

Thank you so much Kasia !

Ashley said...

This is my first comment as well. I agree with Rekolan. I don't feel compelled to just say that I like a photo. If you want more reader engagement, maybe ask more questions with the pictures? On my blogs, questions typically lead to more engagement. (Blogging and social media was part of my job.)

RSS readers - I follow you via Google reader, so I rarely go to your site. Adding the questions to photos can also help get people to click through to actually visit the site and comment.

As for Pinterest - check out this photographer's posts - She's also a lawyer and has been talking with Pinterest. She's encouraging photographers to send Pinterest their concerns. It may lead to changes to the site that make it more difficult to at least pin anything bigger than a thumbnail.

In the meantime, can you look at your site stats? I know it's frustrating when someone is stealing your photos. It's happened to me. But you might be able to make the links on the site benefit you. In most case studies that I've seen, Pinterest is actually the only social media site that is proven to increase traffic to the sites that get shared. In one case, traffic from Pinterest was 50% higher than any other source (not just social media sites). It might be helping to increase your traffic. Also might want to make your watermark bigger and more visible.

Have you thought about ways to take advantage of the traffic coming to your site? It might take some of the sting out of this. Maybe selling prints of your photos? (This is out of my expertise since I don't know the legalities of selling photos of people.) Until Pinterest changes things, or there's a huge court case that decides this, it might be worth looking into how you can take advantage of all the people on Pinterest who like your work enough to share it.

Rachel said...

This is my first time commenting as well! Whenever I see a cool picture on Pinterest I click the picture until I get to it's original site. I like to read the photographer's description and see if the have any other awesome shots. Usually they do and I add them to my google reader. Pinterest is a great way for you to get advertising without any effort on your part!

Rachel said...

Hey this is my first time commenting as well! Like Rekolan I hardly ever comment (unless I like the person's shoes or something).

If I see a cool picture on Pinterest, I usually click through to it's original site to view the photographer's description or their work. I've ended up adding several blogs to my google reader because I found them via Pinterest.

Just think of that site as free advertising for you! Especially since your readers do all the work!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Rachel you have 2 comments at least already !

Anonymous said...

Dude if you don't like your pics stolen, then erase your blog all together. Ppl are not going to stop using yours or any body else's images just because you get upset... And even if you try to block your content, ppl will find the way to steal it... Great blog by the way..

ashire said...

Before I say anything, I want to say, that I empathize with you and I am really sorry that I am guilty of " pickpocketing" your pictures a couple of times, but I do credit your picture to you and do not claim it as mine. Anyone in the right frame of mind will know I can't take such beautiful picture! ^_^ Once again. i am really sorry ok.

I do want to highlight to you what goes on in the psyche of people's mind is that even if on tumblr or pin interest when they see "easy fashion" being linked to the gorgeous pictures, they link your name with the pictures and that is sort of advertisement for you as well. Perhaps you could try see it in a different light? maybe that will make you feel better?

and these people, after knowing your site, may or may not go to your site immediately or in future to check out more fashion pictures right? Well at least I do! and I really enjoy them a lot even though I am a silent reader. It's through you that we get to enjoy the fashion of another country and through another person's eye.

I hope you can publish your easy fashion book someday, that will be something to look forward to!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

You are all probably right
as I have the right to say what I am saying ...

Thank you for your messages

szary sweterek said...

Hey! Wy don't you put a watermark with the URL of your blog on the pictures? I think it would solve your problem. Best regards :-)

szary sweterek said...

Hey! Wy don't you put a watermark with the URL of your blog on the pictures? I think it would solve your problem. Best regards :-)

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