Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Verbal and Yoon - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

      In September 2004, Verbal married his college sweetheart, fellow Korean Japanese Yoon.
      Together they started jewelry label Ambush, with the initial aim of custom-making jewelry 
      for Verbal. They have since produced several lines of jewelry ...
      Photos by Easy Fashion Fred

hebergeur image


kittenmasks said...

So awesome to see them together. I love M-flo.

But I think Yoon is Korean-American, not Korean Japanese. Verbal is Korean by ancestry but was born in Japan.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Well I took these infos on Wikipedia (Pff ... you know)
so I think you are right
maybe we have to wait for other comments
let's see

FashionCabinet said...

Awesome photos!

StreetLounge said...

OMG, what is this? I am confused :/

Luxury Sky said...

love them can't wait to see how you style them!

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