Saturday, March 15, 2014

Eva Lee / les Tuileries / Paris

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      Eva Lee / les Tuileries / Paris

      I remember I met Eva during the last Fashion Week in les Tuileries. Eva is General 
      Manager of "De You International Trading Co. Ltd" of Shangaï. I wish we could have
      managers dressed like that in France !
      I am not sure of what is written on her tights, something like: Don't ever kiss me
      twice ...

      Photos by Fred / Easy Fashion Paris

  hebergeur image


Lauren@Styleseer said...

Oh yes, she is fabulous isn't she?

ZEPETIT said...


Zepequeña. said...


Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you for your comments !

Unknown said...

Hi Fred,

How are you? I'm the Co-Founder/Editor of Sasha's Satisfashion, a fashion, beauty and culture blog in English and Chinese.

If it's okay, can you please pass on Eva's contact information to me? I'd like to connect with her.

Thank you very much!

Sasha Xiao

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Hi Sasha,

Just coming back from holidays.
I am very sorry, seems I have not contact with Eva Lee.
You should try to google her with her company name or google image with name and Paris Fashion Week.
Wish you good luck !


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