Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 000 visits for Easy Fashion !

It was this morning at 10:37:24 am local time (Paris) on Easy Street Fashion in Paris (4:37:24 pm visitor time)
An australian of Bentley (Western Australia) came as the 10 000th visitor.
She(He) wins to have his portrait on Easy fashion with her(his) best outfit. Send it to me ! (with your IP adress)
Seems it could be Emma from Bentley University. We are waiting your picture Emma.

Fred te Mole


Dyns said...

Wahouu!!! Ca y est vous avez passé la barre des 10 000 visiteurs!! La classe, pourvu que ça dure!

Emma said...

Bentley, Western Australia is where I go to university so your 10,000th visitor was either me or one of my friends at university. Either way, after your accusations, neither I nor my friends want a picture on your site.

Fred Vielcanet said...

I'm very sorry Emma, I would be glad to have your portrait on EF. True.
But tell me. Everyone seems to like each other in Australia. Is it the way it is ?
If you change your mind for the portrait, send me your picture.

Fred V.

dianabobar said...


laimikis said...

keep on going, Easy Fashion! :)
your blog got it's special recognizable style, we appreciate so much.

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