Monday, August 20, 2007

Kuala's Passion with Fashion (1) Easy Fashion in Malaysia

© Photos by Fred the Mole
First have a look at Petronas Twin Towers (Architect: Cesar Pelli - 1998)
Incredible building. 452 meters high, 88 floors, a bridge between the towers at 41 and 42th floors.
a million m2 of shopping and fun ! It was the highest building in the world until 2004.

Tout d'abord jetez un coup d'oeil aux tours Pétronas (Architecte: Cesar Pelli - 1998)
Une construction incroyable de 452 mètres, 88 étages avec une passerelle aux 41 et 42 étages entre les deux tours.
Un millions de m2 dédiés au shopping et aux loisirs. C'était le plus haut builing du monde jusqu'en 2004.

Second, this is KLCC ( in the Petronas towers ), the biggest commercial center of Malaysia, where you can find allllll that you want !
Ensuite voici le KLCC ( dans les tours Pétronas ), le plus grand centre commercial de Malaisie où vous pouvez trouver tout ce que vous voulez !

Malaysian looks are very colorfull.
A lot of Malaysians women wear the "Baju Kurung" for religious reasons (thanks Elle). But most of the time with vivid colors.

Les looks malais sont très colorés.
Beaucoup de malaises portent le "Baju Kurung" pour des raisons religieuses (Merci Elle). Mais toujours avec des couleurs vives.

Here is a huge Fashion shop in the Indian area of KL
Voici un magasin de mode immense dans le quartier indien de KL


Emma said...

Wow, such a colourful place!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Elle said...

I'm from KL. It's called a 'kurung'. 'Baju kurung' to be exact.

'Baju' means clothes.

Fred The Mole said...

Hey thanks Elle !
Nice to see you here
I love KL
great city !

Fred the Mole

Lin said...

Your title "Kuala's Passion..." made me laugh out loud! The name KL is not meant to be separated. But you've made Malaysia look very beautiful with your pictures. Thank you!

Fred The Mole said...

Ah ? Ok !
Thank you Lin !


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