Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Burma - Birmanie / a fight for freedom

© Photos Fred the Mole

Easy Fashion supports the movement for freedom in Burma (Myanmar)
Easy Fashion soutient le mouvement pour la liberté en Birmanie (Myanmar)

Traditional make up from the Thanakha tree for this little girl in Rangoon.
Maquillage traditionnel extrait de l'écorce de ThanaKha pour cette petite fille de Rangoun.

Shantytown in Mandalay
Bidonville de Mandalay


Naroniel said...

I am so glad you posted this! people need to read and realize what is going on there! :)
I was thinking about posting about it earlier today. So it made me happy to see this post. =)

misschanel said...

Très jolies photos, mais dommage que la cause ne soit pas entendue !

Dyns said...

Comme d'hab superbes foto!! J'adore l'expression de leurs yeux c'est troublant... Sinon t'as vu l'expo chez Colette " from the street to the night" à partir du 1er Nov???!! Moi j'y serai en tout cas :)

Fred The Mole said...

Oui j'ai vu ça pour l'expo
J'aime bien the satorialist
les autres ça fait un peu middle 80's
au Palace ... Mais pourquoi pas ..

Fred the Mole

the sortorialist said...

superbes tes photos, content de découvrir ton blog.


great pictures. we shouldn´t look away. greetings from munich

Fabi said...

Great pictures,
I once met a girl from burma (myanmar) and her parents apparently had political troubles so they sent their kids to school in New Jersey. They were more upper class, though, so it was easier for them.

nice blog =)

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