Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have been Tagged by Miss Zoe (Love in Melbourne)

Portrait of Geraldine ©Photo Fred the Mole

8 random facts about me:

* I collect air sickness bags everytime I take plane. I have a whole collection of ASB.
* For a long time, I have tried to take pictures of rabbits living in Paris (very difficult to catch !).
* As I am French (+ from Paris), I'm supposed to be very arrogant.
* The name of my cat is "La Callas" (Opera singer 1923-1977).
* I have a stuffed young wild boar at home named Géraldine.
* I got my name "Fred the Mole" from the girls of Perth who are all in love with me (Hi Emma!).
* I love Asia (I have been in Japan, China, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Taïwan, Thaïland, indonesia, Vietnam).
* Jean-Paul Gauthier's house is 150meters from my home (but very different !)

And now what am I supposed to do ? To tag someone else ??

Fred the Mole

1 comment:

Dyns said...

Ohhh le pauvre piti marcassin!!!

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