Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Japanese Girls in Paris ! Paris/Les Halles

©Photos Fred the Mole

In Fashion Japanese Girls dare everything !
That's why we love Japan ...
En Matière de Mode, les japonaises osent tout !
C'est pour cela qu'on aime le Japon ...

AÏ 22 Fashion Student in Tokyo.
Aï 22 ans Etudiante dans une école de mode à Tokyo.

Saeka 22 Fashion student in Tokyo.
Saeka 22 ans Etudianre dans une école de mode à Tokyo.

Aki 23 Fashion student in Tokyo.
Aki 23 ans Etudiante dans une Ecole de mode à Tokyo.

Once again, I love Japanese girls. But Japanese girls have a real problem. They have to improve their English !
Vraiment j'aime bien les Japanese girls. Mais la vérité m'obloge à dire qu'elles devraient travailler leur anglais !
One last thing, I don't understand why Japanese girls always do the V-sign on photo.
Une dernière chose, je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi les japanese girls font toujours le signe de la victoire sur les photos.


Une Americane dans said...

It's not a 'V' sign, its a peace sign. I think its just one of those American behaviors that first reached Japan and it might be so popular because of their interest in many things American.

Dropstitch said...

Hey Fred, their hair is awesome. They all look very Disney Couture!

Fred The Mole said...

Yes ! That's the way they do in Japan Emma !

Fred the Mole

V is for Good Luck said...

Its Neither the Victory nor the Peace sign, its the "kachi" sign, which while having its origins in the US counterculture peace sign has developed into something quite unique to and wide spread throughout all East Asia

Fred The Mole said...

Aaahhh !!!
Thank you Mr V is for good luck !

Fred the Mole

Géraldine said...

From their looks I'd say they're 姫系, or "Princess style" in english. They probably came in France because of the Versailles kind of things.

Here's a video about this style
It's all in japanese though

(put the wrong link at first)

Fred The Mole said...

Ah ok !!
Thanks Geraldine !
You love Japan aren't you ?

Fred the Mole

Marin said...

hi everybody, My name is Marin,

I went to japan for a month last year a i loved visit it (at that time i had a japanese girlfriend from Toyohashi)

Now i'm in France, not anymore in relation ship and i'd like to meet japanese girl to continu to discover your so surprising and lovely culture.

Is there any place where japanese expats and tourist use to go out ?

See ya

Géraldine said...

I do love Japan, they have such a unique way of thinking about fashion, and everything can be found in the shops, whatever one is looking for. They have figure which allows it thought ^_^

Apart from fashion, the traditionnal Japan is really interesting.

Anonymous said...

je ne c pô pk mai je px te dir ke moiii jiii suii aller et laba c trooo coool

Anonymous said...

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