Sunday, January 6, 2008

Marie 41 / Human Ressources Manager - Paris 18

©Photos Fred the Mole

My short coat and scarf are from MANOUSH.
My ear-rings are from EMMANUELLE ZYSMANN (Rue des Martyrs-Paris 18).
My sun-glasses are from OLIVER PEOPLE.
My gloves are from FABRE (Made in France)
I love my gloves !

Mon manteau court et mon écharpe sont de chez MANOUSH.
Mes bloucles d'oreilles de chez EMMANUELLE ZYSMANN (Rue des Martyrs-Paris 18).
Mes lunettes sont des Oliver PEOPLE.
Mes gants sont des FABRE (Fabriqués en France à Millault)
J'adore mes gants !


Raquel said...

i love the gloves!!!and the blog too!!

la casita de wendy said...

Hi! I love your coat! we are spanish designers and i think you will like our stuff. Have a look to our blog:

Thank you and best wishes for 2008!

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