Friday, January 25, 2008

Myriam 22 - Psychoanalysis student & Magali 22 - Psychology student / Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

Myriam (L):
my velvet coat is a KOOKAÏ. My brut jeans are from SKINNY.
My shoes are from NONE SENSE. My bag is a GERARD DAREL.
My ring is a CALVIN KLEIN. My earrings from PIMENT.
Fashion makes me feel good
Today my look is classic.

Myriam (L):
Mon manteau en velours est un KOOKAÏ. Mon jean brut est un SKINNY.
Mes chaussures sont des NONE SENSE. Mon sac est un GERARD DAREL.
Ma bague est une CALVIN KLEIN. Mes boucles d'oreilles des PIMENT.
La mode ça fait plaisir.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai un look classique.

Magali (R):
My jacket is a OACKWOOD. My sweater, cap, jeans from H&M.
My bag is a MINELLI. My boots have no brand.
For me fashion is symbolic of feminity.
Today I have a suburb 's look.

Magali (R):
Mon blouson est un OACKWOOD. Mon pull, mon bonnet, mon jean sont des H&M.
Mon sac est un MINELLI. Mes bottes sont sans marque.
Pour moi la mode est un symbole de la féminité.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai un look banlieue.


Raquel said...

These girls show me the look : "I live in Paris!
Love and kissess!!

alexander said...

Interesting to see what students wear in Paris. Cool!

Alex's World! -

Anonymous said...

People here dress very very....boring.
Or maybe Fred the mole captured only peoples who have boring style?
I live in Paris from time to time I saw people that dressed in a very unique way.I think those people are interesting.But from what I saw took picture of people who all dressed the same as eachother and as in fashion magazines.
Sorry that maybe I'm too honest.
I just wish to see something new here.
You are a GREAT photographer keep doing better!

Fred The Mole said...

Dear Anonym (& others too !)
First thanks for your comment.
I take great attention to your message.
In the same time, here, the sun shines for everyone ...
I try to show what I see in the streets of Paris. I have some ideas about what street fashion sould be. But I never judge these people. I am a very little part of this town and I don't live in a dreamed world.
I promise you, I will try !
Thanks again
Fred the Mole

PS: Easyfashion is a baby who needs to grow up and you know already that I am a mole ...

fanette said...

On a le droit d'écrire en français ! c'est joli et sympa cette photo ! Trop cool le comm de Raquel.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right Fred. This is what we really can see on street in Paris I can't deny that :/ and it's not a all your fault that people style here could be boring sometimes like in winter when majority or people seem to dress in dark colors.You just take picture of what is really is normally now when I think about it I understand.Anyway I still say that you are a great photographer.

Fred The Mole said...

Thanks again Anonyme !

Next weeks I will seek for more Stylish looks ....

Fred the Mole

Anonymous said...

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