Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris/Les Halles / Arnaud 14 & Patrick 19

©Photos Fred the Mole

My jacket is a RED SKIN. My tee-shirt is a LEVIS.
My jeans are from GUESS. My self-customised-sneakers are from ADICOLOR.
For me Fashion is a swallow-hole that means nothing.

Mon blouson est un RED SKIN. Mon tee-shirt est un LEVIS.
Mon jean est un GUESS. Mes baskets sont des ADICOLOR customisées.
La mode est pour moi un gouffre à argent. Ça ne sert à rien.

My jacket is a H&M. My jeans from CELIO.
My leather sneakers are from CONVERSE. My belt from LE TEMPS DES CERISES.
My MP3Player is a I-POD Shuffle. I use a SENNHEISER HD205 with it.

Mon blouson est un H&M. Mon jean un CELIO.
Mes baskets cuir sont des CONVERSE. Ma ceinture est une LE TEMPS DES CERISES.
Mon MP3 est un I-POD shuffle avec un SENNHEISER HD205.


alexander said...

Nice I like their hair do.

Alex's World! -

Raquel said...

They look different that any other people in your blog, but fresh and beauty!

Anonymous said...

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