Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paris/Les Halles - Céline 15 - HighSchool

©Photos Fred the Mole

My two vests black & purple are from JENNIFER.
My slim jeans are from REDIAL.
My fingerless gloves are from CLAIRE'S.
My boots are from MISS'COQUINE.
My belt has no brand.
My MP3Player is a NEONUMERIK.

Mes deux vestes sont des JENNIFER.
Mon jean slim est un REDIAL.
Mes mitaines sont des CLAIRE'S.
Mes bottes sont des MISS'COQUINE.
Ma ceinture n'a pas de marque.
Mon MP3Player est un NEONUMERIK.


Anonymous said...

Joli petit look
bien tendance aux halles
en ce moment


laimikis said...

recognized the place!
good for street photography:)
and model is so nice.

Anonymous said...

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