Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Carine Roitfeld - Chief-Editor of Vogue Magazine (France)

©Photo Fred the Mole

Black? 'It's finished.' Leather? 'No good as you get older.' Jewellery? 'I hate watches. I never wear these things.' Thongs? 'Before I love strings. Now I hate strings.' Handbags? 'You can wear a completely transparent shirt and show all the breasts - I don't care. But I prefer to have my hands in my pocket than to have a nice little bag. So I am not good for all these fashions. They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags.' ( Carine Roitfeld interview in Telegraph UK - 2005 )

In 2008, Carine Roitfeld has changed her mind at least for two main things. Will you find wich ones ?
Anyway, she is always very elegant !
And Fashion changes all the time. Is'nt it ?

"Le noir ? C'est fini. Le cuir, ce n'est pas bon d'en porter en vieillissant. Les bijoux, je déteste les montres. D'ailleurs je n'en porte jamais. Avant j'aimais les strings, maintenant je les déteste. Les sacs à main ? On peut porter un chemisier transparent avec la poitrine bien visible, je m'en fous. Mais moi, je préfère garder les mains dans mes poches plutôt que de porter un beau petit sac à mains. Je n'aime pas tous ces trucs fashion. Ils veulent tous vendre des sacs, des sacs, des montagnes de sacs. Je déteste les sacs !" (Interview de Carine Roitfeld directrice de Vogue - france dans le Telegraph Anglais en 2005)

Visiblement en 2008, Carine Roitfeld a changé d'avis. Il est vrai que la mode change tout le temps et elle est tellement élégante !


heather said...

your blog is just so wonderful! I'm so sad I wasn't reading it sooner.

Also, I super love the video for comic strip. When I'm not in the mood for work and I want to good off, I watch Serge Gainsborough videos.
I'm fairly sure my boss is annoyed by this. But whatever, SHBAMB! POW! BLOP! WIZZZ

Madame Mode said...

Bonjour Fred,

I already visited your blog earlier, love it!
The way you photograph people is so great! Great ambiance on the pictures, I don't know how to say it. It is just like you can feel the people on it.
When do you come to Amsterdam to shoot people? ;)
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Maybe you'd like to swap links?

- Léonie

M* said...

I'm definetely addicted to your blog.
Black finished? No leather? Hahaha!


fashionistakay said...

Hmm interesting, and gosh she seems to have quite an opinion!
p.s.check out my new post!

hannah said...

love love love her.

Kristina said...

Hi! yeah! it's really paris :) a very cool blog! I adore the photos, especially the portrais.

Raquel said...

i love her, tres belle et simpathique!!(my french is very bad)

alexander said...

Interesting. It is not common that one will blog about the Chief-Editor of Vogue Magazine. :)
I think you did a good job not forgetting the people behind the scenes. :)

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Romany said...

A black leather jacket - how hypocritical lol.
Oh I just love your blog - it's like the French version of the Sartorialist! :)

coco said...

I don't understand how she could hate handbags, well I kind of do they are heavy to lug about, but they look so pretty!

Mer said...

she still thinks the same about bags :-) She is really contradictory in her opinions, and I love that!

Allure said...

It's pretty obvious, about black and leather. I don't get it, she wears black ALL the time.

Your blog is great ;)

saray said...

love your blog!!

th WayFarers girl mame is Moran Atias..

AsianCajuns said...

I'm quite fond of pockets myself, but I could never hate handbags!

Fred, your blog is amazing!

Carolina Lange said...

Love this photo!
And I have to say again: your blog is great!

Mica said...

Wow, funny how much fashion changes - now she's wearing black and leather! :)

It is strange that she doesn't like handbags though, I love them! :)

Elsa said...

AHHH ces sourcils ;p

styleandthecity.com - Street style & romance in Paris said...

et je vois que tu as même été récupéré mes liens : fab at 50 !!!
un blog de femme de 50 ans !!

tu es d'un vice que je ne soupçonnais pas à ce point

tu m'offre un excellent post pour plus tard

je suis super déçu de ton comportement de prédateur Fred
et crois-moi, ça va se savoir...

Fred The Mole said...

Mr Kamel de style & the city.
Des accusations et des insultes totalement gratuites.
Attention,vous semblez ignorer que les mots que vous employez ont un sens très lourd.

Je laisse ce message révélateur de ce que vous êtes, en place. Les gens jugeront.

Fred the Mole

Kira Fashion said...

i really enjoy her style, i ve seen her before a lot :)

a kiss and a hug,


Anonymous said...

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