Friday, March 28, 2008

Dexter Dex Tao & David. Rue du Louvre - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

Dexter Dex Tao (L) - Fashion Public Relations Officer:
Today my look is rainy-drippy !
"Fashion is what is going to be out of Fashion" Coco Chanel
Dexter Dex Tao (G) - Relations publique dans la Mode
Aujourd'hui mon look est pluvieux !
"La mode c'est ce qui se démode ..." Coco Chanel

David (R) Jeweller:
Let's get moving in our life with a light footstep and elegance !
David (D) Bijoutier:
Prenons notre vie sur terre d'un pas léger et avec élégance !


M* said...

God, I was there only 2 days ago!
I want to come back very soon, probably in July as I have a friend who is living there in Le Marais.
Maybe we met on the way...

Fred The Mole said...

Yes !
I will take a picture of you !


Anonymous said...

i'm a big fun of your shots.
the personages of Paris streets are so vivid & interesting.

Tittyboo said...

Great site!

On Your Left said...

Aww very adorable and very fun!

Mica said...

I like the red scarf, very fun!

Alice Point said...

Oh My Good! That men look incredibly. Of course in possitive meaning. I wish I will come to Paris in the future and see these people on my eyes!

Fred The Mole said...

Thankx !

@Lamikis: I am a big fan of your pictures too !

@Tittyboo: thank you very much ! I try to do my best.

@On your left: Thankx for your comments !

@Mica: Thankx for your comments too !

@Alice Point: Alice, you don't meet such people at every cross-road in Paris ! Thankx

Fred the Mole

Carolina Lange said...

Beautiful shot!

Fred The Mole said...

Thakx Carolina !


R-R said...

I especially loved this pic: very poetic and glam. Her boots, and just because they are two very stylish people on a bike with very nice surroundings!
Your fab-log is on my blog's favourites. Just lov'd it!

R-R said...

I'm not so sure if the blogger registered my blog's address, so anyway

Its são paulo street fashion.

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