Saturday, March 1, 2008

Magali - Cinema Costume Superviser - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

My coat is a H&M. My dress is vintage.
My legging is a WOLFORD. My shoes are from Jean-Louis SHERRER.
My bag is from Barbès (5€). My cab is for Water-Polo.
My bike is a SPARTA.
For me Fashion is Street Fashion.
Today, my look is sexy-colorfull.

Mon manteau est un H&M. Ma robe est vintage.
Mon legging est un WOLFORD. Mes chaussures sont des Jean-Louis SHERRER.
J'ai trouvé mon sac à Barbès (5€). Mon bonnet est un modèle de Water-Polo.
Mon vélo est un SPARTA.
Pour moi, la mode, c'est la mode de la rue.
Aujourd'hui, mon look est sexy-coloré.


SpiegelEule said...

ohh damn, she's wearing these crazy shoes. looks stunning

Stephie said...

this post is fabulous - I'm loving her cheery outfit and that bike!

Anonymous said...

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