Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pin-Up Girl - Place de la Concorde - Paris

©Photo Fred the Mole

I love this Pin-Up look of 50's.
Very original, very cute, very fresh !
Look at this hair-cut, so nice !
For Pin-up girls , brunettes win the fight, no doubt !
J'adore ce look Pin-Up des années 50.
Original, très mignon.
Regardez la coupe de cheveux, superbe !
En ce qui concerne les Pin-Up, les brunes sont les plus belles !


Natty said...

Very Bettie Page. I love it!

Romany said...

Ooh she's quite interesting-looking. She seems very happy, which is always nice to see. :)

Fred The Mole said...

Thankx for comment

@Natty: Yes the hair cut is little like Betty Page.

@Romany: nice smile as you said !

Fred the Mole

Raquel said...

Betty Pagie is still alive!!


En tant que brune, je ne vais pas te contredire. Le sourire de la demoiselle fait plaisir à voir et ce style Betty Page lui va bien.

Carolina Lange said...

Very stylish!

Fred The Mole said...

Merci les filles !


Deja Pseu said...

Well done 50's homage. Nottamment le manteau "cheetah."

Francesca said...

Hey, she was in italian Glamour recently. She's feminim and proud of it that is how it should be!

Fred The Mole said...

Ah bon ?

Thank you Francesca !

Anonymous said...

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