Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paul-Henri 23 & Annael 21 - Le Marais - Paris

Communication School student
Jacket/Blouson: SUPERDRY
Jeans: APRIL 77 (Noir Kennedy)
Boots/Bottes: Vintage from Flea-Market of Clignancourt
Bag/sac: vintage from Kiliwatch
Scarf/écharpe: gift from LA
Sunnies/Lunettes: Vintage from Berlin
Fashion is a way to express myself.
Today, my look is Glam-Rock.

Business School student
Trench-coat: Dior
Cardigan/Gilet: St-LAURENT Vintage
Shoes/Chaussures: Vintage

Belt/Ceinture: MILBERRY
Shirt/Chemise: RALF LAUREN
Sunnies/Lunettes: Wayfarers RAY BAN
Fashion is time travelling.
Today, my look is vintage-Rock-Chic


Anonymous said...

wow, the guy's look is so cool!!!

Philippine said...

grrrrrr que saxyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien le côté un peu "étriqué" du look du garçon.


Anonymous said...

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