Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Floriane & Nina - Le Marais - Paris

Floriane 19 - Actress

All: GAP
Sneakers: GOLA
Perfume: none
Last Book: Cioran
My look is classic. Fashion is not important for me.
Mon look est classique. La Mode n'est pas très importante pour moi.

Nina 23 - Actress

Bottom/Haut: H&m
Pants/Pantalon: BERSHKA
Sneakers/Baskets: CONVERSE
Cap/Casquette: Vintage
Perfume: "Incanto" by FERRAGAMO
Last Book: Freud
Fashion is what fits to me. My look is unisex.
La Mode, c'est ce qui me va. Mon look est unisex.


Adiel said...

Love Floriane's hair!

Anonymous said...

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