Friday, May 16, 2008

Kevin 21 & Mathilda 17 - Le Marais - Paris

Mathilda - HighSchool
T-Shirt: AMERICAN APPAREL ( Kevin's)
Shoes/Chaussures: ZARA
Bag&Shades/Sac&Lunettes: Vintage.
Fashion is not a question for me.
La Mode ? je ne me pose pas la question.

Kevin 21 - Fine Arts Student (At this time, working in a gelatti shop)
Fashion is a very personnal thing like to be unique.
My look is rather standard. My favorite brands are: APC, AMERICAN APPAREL, YOJI YAMAMOTO.
La Mode, c'est quelque chose de très personnel. Mon look est plutôt standard.


Ulanda said...

hi_ i'm a student from the london college of fashion. i would love to interview you for a piece i'm writing about street style photography and fashion blogging. my email is please contact me if you have a free moment to answer some questions for me. beautiful photos!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I love his Stan Smiths.

Anonymous said...

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