Saturday, June 7, 2008

Christina - Les Halles - Paris

Christina 19
Business student

I buy my clothes at Flea-Market of Clignancourt ... I like brands like FLIPSIDE & QUIKSILVER.
I don't really follow Fashion. I don'like triteness style. My look is Urban-Hippie.
Perfume/Parfum: "Poison" by DIOR. Last book: "Les Paradis Artificiels" de C.Beaudelaire


Anonymous said...


Sans C

Fred The Mole said...

Ok anonyme
Quiksilver sans C !

Fred the Mole

Anonymous said...

Look très coloré
c'est joli à regarder

Coralie avec un C

M a d u S t said...

Hey j'adore les écouteurs style Kawaii, çà colle bien avec les cheveux colorées ^^

Anonymous said...

what a fun :) so many colours!

Anonymous said...

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