Friday, June 20, 2008

Emanuelle & Jean-Patrick - Le Marais - Paris


Jeans: LEVIS
Jacket/Blouson: DOLCE&GABANA
White Top/Haut Blanc: BARBARA BUI
Black Top/Haut Noir: CHLOE
Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN
Perfume/Parfum: "Mûres & Musc" by Artisan Parfumeur
Last Book: "99Frs" by F. Beigbeder.
Fashion is very important for me. My look is Urban_Rock.
La Mode, c'est très important pour moi. Mon look is Rock-Urbain.


Jacket/Blouson: RED SKIN
Sweater: ZARA
Shoes/Chaussures: JB RAUTUREAU
Belt/Ceinture: LOUIS VUITTON
Shades/Lunettes: DIOR
Perfume/Parfum: DOLCE&GABANA
Fashion is very important for me. My look is Urban.

(Check out the little diamond in the teeth of JP !)


Liz Blair said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog! I love the motorcycle/rock look, and these people really get it right. I wish I could afford that Balensiaga bag.

Anonymous said...

they really look great ! :)

fad tony said...

hey it's indeed a pair of russian army-pants bought
second hand in amsterdam..
i got the same in madrid theyre my favourite pair at the moment..

Ruby said...


Anonymous said...

This urban rock look is fantastic! Love the bag and love the jacket on the lady!

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

Mica said...

Love the matching leather jackets, and I really like her balenciaga bag, it completes the look :)

Fred The Mole said...

Thanks for your comments.
Emanuelle & JPatrick sould be happy !

Fred the Mole

Marte said...

Nice bag!

Anonymous said...

Hum ... Le diamant dans la dent ... Trop fort !!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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