Thursday, June 12, 2008

Régis - Le Marais - Paris

Régis 44 - Hats designer

Shirt/Chemise: From Rapper Shop stuff in St-Denis Street
Pants & Sneakers: NIKE
Socks/Chaussettes: TATI
Glasses/Lunettes: DUNLOP
Perfume/Parfum: none
Last book: "Chronique du Plateau Mont-Royal" by Michel Tremblay
For Me Hats are not inside Fashion. I make rewearable art.
In summer, my look is like a garden dwarf. En été je suis looké Nain de jardin. In Winter, like Santa Klaus. En hiver, je suis looké Père Noël.

Régis Lenne loves making hats since the age of 17.
He has worked for designers like: YSL, Christian Lacroix, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel, Yohji Yamamoto ...
He has produced hats and costumes for Theater, Opera and Cinema, including "La Comédie Française" and the "Zingaro Circus". His creations have featured during Ladies'day of "Royal Ascot 2006 & 2007" and at "Le Grand Prix de Diane-Hermès" at Chantilly.

The Tomato Hat

REGIS LENNE - Contact:


froggy_grow said...

The world needs more people like this guy.

B. said...

Hello, I love your blog:) Thank you for translating each post in english, you are the first french streetstyle blog that I understand. (french streetstyle blogs are amazing, but unfortunately I dont speek french:))

Blanka (from Hungary)

Fred The Mole said...

Yes Froggy ! you are right !

Blanca, you are welcome, it's normal to translate as most of the people understand English language.

Thanks for comment

Fred the Mole

Sean said...

Wow! Undoubtedly creative and eccentric.

Slanelle said...

ca c'est un chapeau originale!!

Je passe régulièrement sur ton blog, il fait partie de ma tournée hebdo de blogs ^^
si ca tintéresse, voila l'adresse de mon nouveau blog mode :

See ya !

Anonymous said...

Le chapeau Tomate est trop top !
En plus le vert autour le met en valeur
Mais il faut oser le porter ... Quand même !


Anonymous said...

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