Friday, June 27, 2008

The Sales / Les Soldes !!

(Click on the picture to enlarge !)
In Paris from 25th of June to 2nd of August 2008.
A Paris du 25 Juin au 2 Août 2008.


Calvin said...

hi,,i'm from Hong Kong,i like your blog, saw it in the < Milk > magazine!^^i like Paris,and i will go to Paris to learn design years later.

Amel said...

Pas mal pas mal!
faut oser !
Un ptit bonjour par ici!
Toujours aussi classes vos photos!!!

Diana Coronado said...

He looks kitsh.
I'm goin' to Paris on September


Elle est géniale cette photo.

Fred The Mole said...

Hi Calvin !
Thanks for your comment. For me I hope to go to Hong-Kong !
Merci Amel, c'est gentil.
Diana have a nice stay in Paris !

Merci Miss, c'est un hasard total cette photo.

Fred the Mole

Anonymous said...

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