Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camilla - Le Marais - Paris

Camilla 24 - Shop Assistant at American Apparel

Shoes/Chaussures: H&M
Jeans: FILIPAKI (Swedish)
Tee-shirt: Vintage (Swedish)
Necklace: Vintage (Swedish)
Bag/Sac: Gift from a friend of me
Glasses: Wayfarers by RAY BAN
Perfume: no
Last book: "The Master & Margarita" by Michael Bulgakov
Last CD: Led Zeppelin
Fashion is expression. Today it's my Day off Look.
La Mode, c'est l'expression. Aujourd'hui, mon look est décontracté.


smaro said...

Somehow with the large sunglasses it looks very Blondie, Debbie Harry type rock-chick fashion. Not as over the top as Debbie, but somehow still reminds me of her

Fred The Mole said...

Yes Smaro !
Reminds a middle 80's look.
Thanks for your comment.


Material girl said...

Oups, peite larme de nostalgie.. ta camilla me rappelle ma décolo tout pareil de l'an dernier... bref, depuis j'ai les cheveux en vrac.......................!!!

Anonymous said...

isn't that the swedish supermodel? camilla jansson? i think i recognice her!

Anonymous said...

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