Monday, July 7, 2008

Chanel - Le Grand Palais - Paris

It's Patricia Arquette !

©Photos Fred the Mole


Mer said...

I love chanel lips, that's my obsession right now!

twins secret garden said...

Merci pour le com.
On adore tes photos! Elles sont sublimes.

Anonymous said...

your photos are always fantastic.
this blog is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Dear Easy Fashion,
i love your blog. i need you help... i am in love with this Francois Hardy, 'Tous Les Garcons' song that plays on your page. i cannot get this song on itunes or on amazon and i tried getting it through the site that puts the ipod box in your page but with no luck. please help find it. my email is
i id not know she existed until i visited your blog on sunday and now i'm dying to get that song on my ipod. thanks! -Melissa xoxo

Fred The Mole said...

Thanks for all your comments
really appreciate !

Melissa, your E-mail does not work !

Fred the Mole

Louis said...


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