Monday, September 15, 2008

Pihla - Le Marais - Paris

Pihla 26 - Cinema Student & Journalist

Dress/Robe: SESSUN
Bag/Sac: From Finland
Shoes/Chassures: From Finland
Perfume/parfum: "Laura" by Laura Biagiotti
Last book: Gilles Deleuze
Last CD: Fleet Foxes
For me Fashion is to wear what I want. My look is simple.
La Mode, c'est porter ce que je veux. Mon look est simple


Tatel said...

I always visit you but I've never left a comment before, but this girl just make me want to say WOW!! That haircut looks great!

... said...

Hi Tatel !
Most of the time visitors don't post a comment.
So thanks for yours.
You know what ? Pihla said to me she did the haircut herself !

Fred the Mole

lacouturier said...

i love the color of the outfit...its soo classic and gorg in that demure way, and not at all seeming too dark =)

Anonymous said...

Ah j'adore!
Et en plus, elle a des yeux de chat.


Agnieszka said...

thank you for the music today! Exactly what i needed!


Quel regard et belle personne.

M α D u s t ♠ said...

J'apprécie surtout la coiffure et le visage, mais les veteemnts vont très bien avec l'ensemble.

Anonymous said...

J'adore! Understated, yet chic!

Caro Fernandez said...

Ravishing! She is a beauty and looks comfortable in her style.

Anonymous said...

you misspelt the quthor's name. it will be deleuze

Anonymous said...

author, i mean.

... said...

Oh my God !
Yes you're right !
I was sleeping or what ?


Anonymous said...

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