Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daniela & Kevin - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Daniela 18 - Design Student

Coat/Shoes/Gloves/Scarf: CAMAÏEU
Manteau/Chussures/Gants/Echarpe: CAMAÏEU
Skirt/Robe: from Toulouse
Bag: Vintage
Fur Hat: Vintage
Perfume: "Pur Poison" by DIOR
Last Book: "L'écume des jours" by Boris Vian
Last Music: Elvis Presley
Fashion is a state of mind. My look reflects the mood of the day.
La Mode, c'est un état d'esprit. Mon look, c'est mon humeur du jour.
I love "The Kills". I hate him (showing Kevin)

Kevin 21 Design Student

Jacket & Shoes: From London
Pants & Sweat shirt: UNIQLO
Tee-Shirt: The Klaxons (Music)
Head-Phones: PANASONIC
Perfume: "Egoïste" by CHANEL
Last Book: an essai by Jacques Attali
Last CD: The Hooseirs
Fashion is influenced by arts. My look is freezing.
La Mode est influencée par les arts. Mon look est glacial
I love Art. I hate pollution.


Laimikis said...

Happy New Year!
Our greetings & ingredients
for a Brand New Year
to you and your readers!

Ambroisine said...

Très jolie cette photo ! elle est magnifique "Daniela, sa tenue est colorée mais simple en même temps.

Cath :: AllChic said...

Hope you have a happy and prosperous 2009... Happy New Year!

Pierre-Jean said...

Tous mes voeux Fred et puisse l'année 2009 t'apporter enfin une cravate noire. @ +++

Kat George said...

wow that girl has such a beautiful face!

Happy New Year!


Kimandra - clothing and accessories

fred, prefere the new presentation!

all the best to you for the new year!!

love kimandra

Elisabeth Muma said...

Wow, great style and cool pics!

Felipe D. L. said...

oh my!
the klaxons!

"Mon look est glacial"
I think I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

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Richchy said...


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