Friday, January 23, 2009

Alice et son incredible robe - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Alice 24

"I am a stylist for children clothes"

Skirt: H&M with MARIMEKKO
Sweater and Tights: ETAM
Scarf: No Brand
Perfume: BURBERRY Classic
Last Book: "l'Accro du Shopping" by Sophie Kincella
Last Music: BrassBand Music
I love to create clothes for children
I don't like Black color

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit



J'ai tout de suite pensé à Marimeko. Que ça fait du bien cette explosion de couleurs. J'admire.

it's me! said...

J'adore!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my, i love the finnish marimekko! i especially love THAT pattern, luv.

Deborah said...

She did a really good job at anchoring that crazy pattern\color! It looks very nice!

Mavis said...

how can anyone not like black??!! but her outfit's really cute

Olviya said...

first i was going to write smth like - colorfull day in Paris, then i read why she is so colorfull)
just because she is doing little fashiongoers look like flowers)
what else do we need?)

Anonymous said...

Her exciting color suits her look, but her look is too young for her. She would be striking in something less imitating of children.

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