Saturday, February 21, 2009

Benjamin - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Benjamin 21

I am a student in History

I got my jacket at Royal Cheese Shop
My pants are from BILL TORNADE
My boots from GUESS
Scarf by Pashemina
No perfume
For me fashion is Life. My look is minimal and reserved like me ...
Last book: "2666" by Roberto Bolano.
Last Music: heard in Kiliwatch Shop.
I hate Italian Fashion. I love french croissant (I have one in the paper bag)


anio said...

He looks great! I’m going to try to wear something in similar style
What I love about your blog most are sentences about point of view about fashion.


Il faut oser cette forme de pantalon... il ose et ça fonctionne!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

I want his blazer!!!! <3


Angela said...

Super style ... je me suis faite la même réflexion que Miss Glitzy "Il faut oser" mais bravo à lui d'avoir oser, car ça donne un rendu superbe !

Anonymous said...

Merci les filles !

Fred the Mole

Angela said...

Derien, et au passage, tes photos sont superbes ! J'adore !

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