Friday, February 13, 2009

Jade & Edouard - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Jade 20

I am a Stylism Student (ISA)

Jacket & Pants: ZARA
Boots: Guerrisol (10€)
Bag: Guerrisol (2€) (Wiiiiiiii !!)
I love to buy clothes. But I just take 5 minutes to put them on.
My look is a just-waked-up look. (It's 6:40 PM Jade !)
J'adore acheter des fringues et m'habiller en 5 minutes.
Mon look est du genre, je viens de me lever ... (Il est 16h40 Jade !)
Last Music: The Dirty Projectors
Love Edouard. I hate Edouard.

Edouard 22

I am a student in Economy

Jeans: APC
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Jade's
Last book : "Histoire de la pensée économique"
Fashion means nothing for me. My look is a No-Look.
La Mode ne veut rien dire pour moi. Je n'ai pas de look.
I hate Jade's Pink Pants. I love Jade.

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Manja said...

I like her style a lot....and I just adore this bag! She got it for only 2€? Wow, I'm jealous.

Deborah said...

So adorable!! They both look so cute! I like their shoes a lot :)


lauren said...

It's going to be so hard to track down that girl and steal that bag from her!

Anonymous said...

Yes she would'nt give you this bag easily ...
Because she loves it !!

Fred the Mole

Emelie Björk from Gothenburg in Sweden said...

What a gorgeouse gay! He would be real popular here in Sweden! ;)

... said...

You mean guy ! Not Gay !!
Ah ah ! Emilie !
You mean He could be Swedish ?

Fred the Mole

Anonymous said...

they look so cute together!

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