Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bomb Alert at Colette's corner !

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Bomb alert at Colette's Corner
Do you have to be stylish and wear great boots with Jefferson Hack if you are going to die in a bomb explosion ?
The answer is yes !
Alerte à la bombe à l'angle de Colette
Doit-on rester élégante et être accompagnée de Jefferson Hack en toute circonstance ?
La réponse est oui !


emmet said... are right!! even Kurt Cobain died with his Grunge costume until Converse One Star has become one of best seller shoes during 90's

Anonymous said...

Converse are more confortable
to commit suicide ?



Un peu de temps pour rattraper mon retard et admirer tous ces superbes portraits (j'aime beaucoup celui de Diane Pernet). Une alerte à la bombe chez Colette, il s'en passe de ces choses, mais cela n'a pas l'air de perturber ce qui me semble être Jefferson Hack...

Anonymous said...

Where is Jefferson Hacks jacket from?! I have seen him in several other fashion blogs wearing the same jacket and I am dying to get my hands on that jacket!!

Its quite BALENCIAGA in look and detail....Please somebody tell me I am right? Put me out of misery please!!


miss a. said...

god, her shoes... i love them. i love them so much.... beauty trumps comfort any day, but converse are more comfortable, i suppose, if you want to commit a grungy suicide.

Mumi said...

love the jacket, the Boots are a to much for me
love all the photos like always!
fred i know that i always bother you with the same but like you know here in argentina tomorrow start the outumm and i just want to know the must-have and the colours for this season

lot's of kisses!


Anonymous said...

Hi Florencia
As Far as I can see, If you mean for autumn
Red Coral, Orange and Purple are in ...
But Black color is always in ...

Fred the Mole

I will go to Argentina one day !

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...


Mad Hatter said...

Oh my
Who do I Kill to get those boots?
Tell me, tell me now

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