Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camille & Thomas - Montorgueil - Paris

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I am a stylist in Fashion accessories

I wear a vintage jacket from Kiliwatch Store.
Boots by ASH. Dress from AA.
Tights from H&M.
No perfume.
Fashion is a playing ground to explore.
My look is casual to ride a Motorbike.
I don't like girls who put their jeans IN their boots.
I like girls who don't !
My message to the world: Hi everybody !

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit


I am a singer in a Rock Metal Group

I wear a sweater from Sweden.
Pant's & Shoes by VAN's
Glasses by RAYBAN
Belt from "Every Time I die" Hardcore group.
My dog is a French Bulldog called Darma.
My look is direct from my Cupboard !
I love to scream. I don't like people and especially french people.
My message to the world: stop killing eachothers !


Samia said...

Oh je crois que je l'ai déjà vu la fille sur la photo, c'est raia des sg non?

Trop cool en tout cas!!

... said...

C'est qui Samia, Raia des sg ?
Moi je ne sais pas ...


Samia said...

Elle : www.lookbook.nu/raia

... said...

Ah voilà !
Je savais bien que je l'avais vue quelque part !
Merci Samia


Anne said...

:)) i find it funny that he treated his dog as an accessory too and gave us the name of it's "brand", it's good though that he likes french dogs, though not a fan of french people ;)) i like the first picture: u really "exposed" her, soft&sensitive, in the second she looks regular, but in the first ur 3rd eye ;) did a nice dissection on her

... said...

Thank you so much to take time for such a great comment ...
Fred the Mole

B. said...

Oh my God, the tatoo is beautifull!
I dont like tatoos, but this is so lovely.
It reminds me a litle bit of this:

She is a (not so famous) singer in Hungary and has a traditional kalocsai-embroidery on her arms.

(sorry for my English)

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Paris so this blog makes me so excited to be in such an environment!

alexander said...

I agree. Fashion is a play ground for one to explore.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Princess B. said...

I love the life, the soul, the beauty captured in that top photo. It's absolutely stunning.

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