Friday, May 22, 2009

Pélagie - Paris

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I work on a TV Cable-Network

I wear a vintage shirt.
Legging by H&M. Bag and Shoes by ZARA.
SunGlasses vintage from London.
Bracelet from market in Dakar (Senegal).
Perfume: essential oil from NYC.
For me, Fashion is a state of mind.
My look is perfect to have a drink with friends.
I love shoes ! I don't like lying people.
My message to the world: Don't think too much about money which is just paper.

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Dark Bohemiian said...

un petit air à la jennifer hudson

Anonymous said...

Nice attitude
I like the two pictures and the look (of love)

Anonymous said...

I love her! She is so cool ...

Princess B. said...

Thanks Fred the Mole for putting up a fille noir! (Did I say that properly?) I love seeing diversity on your site -- keep up the good work. Love her leggings!

... said...

Thanks All of you !

#Princess B.
Yes it's correct just "noire" (feminin of noir)
But in french we usually say "black" instead of "noire" ...
You know I just show people of the streets of Paris as in the real life with diversity. No need to work on it.
Anyway thanks for the compliment !

Fred the Mole

adeLovey said...

she looks like Missy Elliot.
how cute^^.

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