Monday, May 18, 2009

Zuza & Serek - Paris

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I am a journalist
All my oufit is vintage.
Perfume: "Insolence" by GIVENCHY.
Fashion is a kind of expression.
My look is just like feeel conrotable.
I love music and my friend. I hate Homophobic and rude people.
My message to the world: Be open mind !


I am a Shop-Holder, a journalist and a DJ.
I wear a jacket by MARTIN MAGIELA.
Jeans by JULIAN RED. Skirt by NANKE.
Glasses vintage.
Perfume: I am "Comme des garçons" addicted !
Sneakers by REEBOK.
Fashion is my plan for Life !
My look is pinky ...
L love laughing, sun, sea ... I don't like opposite, rain, sad people ...
My message to the world: Be Colorfull !


sandra said...

fan of pink shoes! they look great together

zulka said...

Vive la Pologne!!!!! :))))

... said...

Hum ... Zulka !
On sent un léger parti pris ... Ah ah !

Fred the Mole

zulka said...

@Fred the Mole: ;-))) pas du tout. C'est super d'observer les Polonais ( trendy Polonais) sur les sites etrangers ;-))))

... said...

Paris est un (des) carrefour(s) du monde...
J'aime cela Zulka !
Mais pourquoi tous les Polonais parlent-ils si bien français bon sang ?!

Fred the Mole

zulka said...

@Fred the Mole : pas tous, seulement certains! ;-))))

... said...

Pas tous c'est vrai
Mais beaucoup quand même !


Amylee said...

Wooah, pink shoes are great !!!

Princess B. said...

OMG!! In university and law school I barely wore runners, but on the little occasion that I did I wore pink ones! I am so in love with the pink. How awesome! :)

Olga215 said...

Vive la Pologne!!!!! :))))

Le 21eme said...

Amazing colour coordination with such an amazing colour!


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