Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marie-Lou - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I am a gaphist student
I wear short pants and sandals by BARBARA BUI.
Shirt and bag from KILIWATCH store.
Shades vintage by TED LAPIDUS.
Perfume: Noa by CACHAREL.
Fashion is a state of mind.
My look is a summer holiday look.
I love lipstick. I hate cats.
My message to the world: Give me money !

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit


Simes. said...

OMG! We loveeeeeed your blog!
It's amazing.
Take a look of ours whenever u want!
Love, A&A.

Cynthia said...

Love the glasses, great work ... as usual ;)

Style Geek said...

Her shades are amazing and I love her colorful shirt.

Antonio Barros said...

Her glasses + lipstick is a killer combination!

shaminista said...

The lipstick is amazing!!!! Just discoveres this blog... Add to my favs!

Anonymous said...

ses jambes.. wow...

FiL said...

Haircut, goggles and lipstick wow! looks very nice, great pix.


The Danettes said...

Uh la la! Fantastique!

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

These are beautiful shots, Fred. I love the way you have shot her face- the glasses and lipstick: POW! You can tell she loves lipstick-, oh yeah, and clothes :)

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