Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malin and Chiao - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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I am Sales Assistant at All Saints Store (Malin)
I wear a Vintage Dress.
Shoes by Doc Marten's.
Bag By Vivienne Westwood.
Perfume: "Amor amor" by CACHAREL.
I love Fashion. My look is Punk.
I love BEn&Jerry Ice Creams.
I don't like Metro.
My message to the world: Live this day as if it was the last one ...

I work as a Hairdresser (Chiao).
I wear a vintage T-Shirt self customized.
Jeans by APRIL 77.
Red Converse.
Perfume: "Touch me"" by Benefit.
I love Customized Fashion.
My look take the wind.
I love to sleep.
I don't like to wake up early.
My message to the world: Don't smoke too much ...


Nick Leonard said...

That blondes hair is stunning!

Anonymous said...

I want her bag, but here in my city they don't stock Vivienne. It's so annoying. And I can't find it online.

FiL said...

Agreed I love the bag too :)


The Art Of Goth Fu said...

Black Flag!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Izumihiiiflower said...

don't smoke tout court même!

je suis fan du look de la blonde, je me demande si je ne l'ai pas deja croisée l'hiver dernier

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