Friday, February 12, 2010

Juliana - Rue St-Martin - Paris

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I am a Student in Paris - La Sorbonne
My perfume is "Marrons Glacés" by Laura Mercier
For me Fashion means creating a fantasy with my body and what I put on it.
What I wear is a way to imagine that I am a different Character in a different
place. It's like leaving out a dream.
I think my look is "Domineering Librarian" ...
With 1 000 €, I think I could get YSL Imperiale Pumps That Lady Gaga wears
all the time !
I love those moment of inspiration, when I feel like I know what I am doing
with my studies. When I feel that way, I can be more energetic.
I don't like Hugg Boots in Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Love those gloves!


L. said...

Les bottes et les gants sont simplement superbes !

Justyna said...


leo63 said...

i love your blog!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Love the pearls and the leather.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous.

Style Geek said...

...lmao, my co-worker heard me...
I don't think I've seen black on black look that good in a while. I love that confident look - so hot XD

Lianne said...

This look is just perfect!
It's like a chique Dita von Teese.

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