Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Virna - Chevaleret - Paris

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I am a Student in Mod'Art School of Paris
I wear a jacket 1950 of my Grand-Ma
Dress by MUYUKA
Legging by BIZZBEE
Scarf by ZARA
Shoes vintage
Perfume: "Idole" by ARMANI
Virna : "Fashion is a perpetual movement which allow you to play with yourself and never look the same.
My look sticks with my state of mind of the moment, like a good little girl.
If I had 1 000 €, I would buy an outfit by SUPERTRASH (US Brand) and a dress
by DARIMEYA (english super retro designer).
I love wine. I hate rude people".
My message to the world:
"Follow your own path toward the light of the lost star.
Live your life to the max".


Term Papers said...

Cool fashion I really admired this thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

J'adore ce mix de couleurs
entre les cheveux et la fourrure

Anonymous said...

Un vrai charme se dégage de cette jeune femme

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