Friday, May 14, 2010

Flore - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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"I am a student in last year of High-School.
I love Philosophy. I hate hipocrisy.
Fashion is not "the Big Thing" in my life. It's a matter of Style.
My look is simple.
If I had 1000€ I would buy a nice leather bag.
My message to the world: We are so lucky !"
I wear a jacket by MASSIMO DUTTI
Jeans by ZARA
Shoes by ANDRE
Top H&M
Bag vintage
Necklace self-made
Perfume: "Odyssée" by ISSEY MIYAKE


Alma said...

Amazing outfit so simple yet so chic! Efortless chic!

Anonymous said...

great blazer!



Patricia said...

Belle tenue, coup de coeur sur le collier et le blazer :D

Lorraine said...

It looks low-maintenance and yet so fashionable. The blazer is awesome.

The Photodiarist said...

So beautifully done. You are one of the best street-style photographers out there. Your backgrounds are so perfect. Not to mention your great taste in finding wonderful subjects. Thank you. It is a pleasure to visit your blog.

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Thank you so much !
It's a great compliment

Thanks to all of you to let a comment
This helps me a lot

*sunday* said...

casual and cool... nice easy style

Nadine2point0 said...

Love your work. That tune puts a smile on my face every time I check your posts ;)
She is so naturally beautiful. Worn denim always looks better when the wear seems real.

Gorgeous Clara said...

love the blazer and the bag!

Natalia said...

I always say that simpicity is the best:)

The (im)Perfect Harmony

dictionar german said...

Yup. This is very awesome!

Biana said...

The red background is stunning!

Ariela said...

Lovely jacket!

FacundoGallegos said...


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