Friday, May 28, 2010

Hugo & Nini - Beaubourg - Paris

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"I am a Designer-Stylist.
My look is spontaneous.
I love Smiles & Cats. I hate negativ People.
My message: Hapiness and smiles are more important
than money !"
All my outfit vintage except my hat by CA4LA (Japan)
Perfume: "Black" by KENNETH COLE

"I am a Make-Up Artist for Fashion
My look is "Brigade du Tigre".
I love modesty. I hate stupidity".
I wear a shirt by H&M
Black jeans by MARC JACOBS
Boots and Bag are vintage
Perfume: "Blanc" by LALIQUE


Mother of Style said...

Cool shoes!

Love the mustache aussi :)

Courtney said...

Her shoes are to die for!
When people say, "they're vintage" what the hell does that mean? Where do you get any of that supposedly vintage clothing?

His pants are snazzy, and her bag is to die for!

Kiki said...

Her vintage bag is great. I want it!

Lorraine, Vintage Amoureuse said...

I love their style, I would love to be styled by them if I were a model or celebrity.

melina bee said...

they have great style and his hair and mustache are the best! totally oldskool

FiL said...

J'adore cette photo, ils sont top...


Maryn said...

so retro and chic, love that!

commodestyle said...

Ils sont vraiment superbes!

FacundoGallegos said...

I love that moustache.
Someone please read my blog & comment???


In love with their style!

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Merci pour vos commentaires !

Anonymous said...

Ils sont tellements assortis ! Ils font très "de l'autre côté du Rhin" tu ne trouves pas ?

Jack said...

What a great looking couple and both with excellent shoes! x

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