Monday, June 28, 2010

Denni the Chic Muse - Paris

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Denni the Chic Muse

Blazer and Dress by D&G
Shoes by TOPSHOP
Perfume: "Idole" by ARMANI
"Fashion is everything for me. I want to be a Stylist ...
I love Paris & New-York and I don't like brown color.
If I had 1 000 €, I would buy a BALMAIN Jacket.
My message to the world: Be Happy and always move on !"


Cecylia said...

She's incredible!

Amanda Pinto said...

Ce rouge à lèvres est marveilleux.

TorontoVerve.: said...

Great colour. Nice expression.

Alma said...

I'm a follower on her blog for a long time. She's a real inspiration and her look is unique.

DoinaC said...

She alaways looks so glamorous and chic.

Luísa Lión said...

she is so gorgeous and just elegnat love her style!! She perfextly fits in Paris..


from ME to YOU said...

I think the dress is very boring to watch. there should be a more contrasting color to meet the blanks. I think I am comment like this because I like clothes smelled like a crowded and daring.
I'm sorry if I had to offense you.

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