Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pauline - Montorgueil - Paris

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"I am a student in HighSchool
For me Fashion is a game where you can choose
your character. I have no idea about what my look is ...
I love LaDurée's Macaroons
I don't like to talk about me
If I had 1 000€ to spend in Fashion,
I would buy Sartore SR1731 shoes
and a one life leather jacket.
My message to the world:
Protect Pandas and grow bamboos !"

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

I wear a T-Shirt by NAF-NAF
Skirt by H&M
Shoes by ASH
Belt from my mother
Bag by ZARA
Glasses by YSL
Jewels from London
Watch by SWATCH
Perfume: "L'Oriental" by L'EAU JEUNE


Anonymous said...

j'aime vraiment beaucoup ses chaussures elles sont superbes!!!! style simple aue j'aime beaucoup en ce moment!!!

Eman said...

i like her shoes.

Amanda Pinto said...

Ses chaussures sont très jolies!!! Elle est comment une pouppée moderne.

Fred de Easy Fashion said...

Thanks for your comments
bravo pour le français Amanda !

Amanda Pinto said...

Merci Fred!
Mon français besoin de bcp d'entraînement. =D

Alma said...

Her shoeeees!!! OMG!!

Cecylia said...

So simple but so chic


That outfit looks pretty cute!

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