Friday, June 11, 2010

Sanae - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

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I am student
Fashion is the sunshine of my life
Today, my look is casual chic
If I had € 1000 to spend in Fashion,
I would buy YSL shoes. I love being elegant.
I hate rude people. My message to the world:Eat makis !

All my outfit by ZARA
Bag by LV. Scarf by BENETTON
Bracelet by CHANEL
Sunnies by RAY BAN
Perfume "Chance" by CHANEL


Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous...



célia silva said...

she's pretty, but i think the zara shoes hasn't any quality :/ i prefere pay more, but have long lasting and confortable shoes =)

Miss Trudy ♥ said...

Amazing style, I love it. Cool blog to by the way :)

cee said...

love the outfit, looked really pulled together!


The "Fairy" Who Wears Boots said...

outfit is awesome, she looks like the type of girl you'd love to shop with!

William said...

So, let's go eat some sushi !

Magdalena said...

oh i love that look

SCW said...

Everything about this outfit is amazing! For me, Zara is a hit or miss, but this girl seems to have had buckets of success. (This could be due to the fact that she's tied it all together with such a fabulous bag though) Nonetheless... especially love the trousers!

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FacundoGallegos said...

Elle est très chic, trop belle. Les françaises savent bien s'habiller.

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