Sunday, July 11, 2010


My Pics on The Fashion Spot !!!
No !
How could I tell you that ?


Anonymous said...

Why ??

evtimia said...

i like the tfs, but why is it invitations only!?! That sucks!

Anonymous said...

Why? They link it back to you, surely increasing the traffic to your blog and giving you proper credit for something that is out there in cyberspace anyway. I guarantee that other sites won't be that kind.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Dear A
all you said is strictly wrong
they don't link back
they don't increase traffic in any ways
they don't give proper credit
they host more than 200 pictures of Easy Fashion
and they are stupid and arrogant ...
That's my work and that's my opinion if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Actually on TFS people are forced to credit the pictures, otherwise they're removed. I don't see the problem.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

I don't work to feed TFS
that's all
and sign your comments ...

Carla said...

Well, I actually agree with Anonyme. People are indeed forced to credit the source of their pictures, however they cannot put up a clickable link to your blog (for some reasons it's forbidden), but the source is written either way.

I knew your blog thanks to tFS otherwise I would most definitely have never had visited it.

They ain't all stupid and arrogant, they're normal people : of course some of them are "stupid and arrogant", while others are polite and respectful.

But indeed that's your work, and I respect your choice. I just wanted to defend that forum and its members, whose goal isn't to steal your work but rather to share it among fans of anything fashion-related.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

My dear Carla

The Fashion Spot host more than 200 pics from my blog. A lot of these pics are hosted for free on pages with pornographic links. When I complain about that, they ask me to prove that I was the author of these pictures (just ridiculous) and they denied me the membership to the forum. I don't want to have any contact with these people. Never.

And my models are not ok to be on the Fashion spot !

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