Friday, August 20, 2010

2000 000 - Merci - Thank you !

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It's time to go back to work.
Easy Fashion Paris had its 2 000 000th visitor last week.
I could'nt imagine that, when I started my little blog.
It's a great pleasure for me. Thanks to all my models.
Thanks for all your comments that encouraging me !

Easy Fashion Fred


black velvet feeling said...

Love those booooooooots!
Congratulations and greetings from Romania.

sonidlo said...

You make great photos and photograph interesting people! Congratulations!

Angela said...

Congratulations! and absolutely love those boots!

Musette said...


I think it is us who should be thanking YOU!

So Thank YOU!

and felicidades


Esa said...

Merci merci !

Alma said...

Congratulatioooons! It's one of my fav blogs. You have an amazing taste in models and clothes!:)

FiL said...


U just deserve it and more.....
2 000K visitors means ur blog is good enough to pull people from everywhere together.
And that's not good sorry, that's GREAT :)

Lots of love & cheeeeers


PS: Was about time to come back...

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Ah ha ! Merci !

Maria Ana said...

You deserve it, this blog is amazing!!

Amanda Pinto said...

Amusant cette photo.
Congratulations, Fred.
You know how I love Easy Fashion since I discovered it. It's a way I found to try my french and to see (by your lens) how fashion people are in Paris. You deserve it.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Merci les filles !

F.B.O. said...

Félicitations, succès bien mérité pour un blog de grande qualité , je suis toujours épaté par tes images .
On essaye de se voir dans la semaine pour un petit apéro ?
A bientôt

Anonymous said...

Congrats from La Celle Saint Cloud


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