Monday, September 13, 2010

Emma - Avenue Montaigne - Paris

hebergeur image


" ... I am a student in Erasmus program.
For me Fashion is a daily thought. Today,
my look is trendy & colored. I love smiling
people. I hate strikes. My message to the
world: Live your life !... "

hebergeur image

I wear vintage cardigan, hat & Bag.
Jumpsuit by AA
Shoes from Sweden
Beirette Camera vintage
Perfume by Stella McCartney


Serena Pompei said...

I love her style!

Cecylia said...

love her hat and her jacket! So chic

❤Cate❤ said...

Love her style xoxo

Mademoiselle Marie said...

Elle est sublime ! la photo portrait est trop cool :)


Alex Ingram said...

Be sure to follow my blog @
and on twitter @ tuxandtie

la recessionista said...

Super sa broche scrabble !!!

snoring solutions said...

I love her style!she look so beautiful.Dress is fascinating.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

What Dress ??
I think you are spaming and snoring all together ...
That's my opinion

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